GREEN SPIRIT, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? More than just ecological aspects!

Green Spirit = Innovative Technologies, which bear in mind more than just ecological aspects. It is about a philosophy, for life and well-being, always in search of harmony. With a wink, we relax the mind and draw your attention to the precious moments to remind us that life is beautiful, especially in Paris.

Green Spirit = Selected materials and products. Healthy local specialties for breakfast, ecological cleaning products, environmentally friendly wooden floors and carpet, selected natural stones …

Green Spirit = Let the mind flow. Our rooms are all different, personalized and individually decorated. Dive into different universes and ambiences. You can choose your favourite color, especially at the Hotel Sacre Coeur, in the heart of Montmartre. The traditional Parisian buildings gives us challenges and inspire us.

Green Spirit = Smile. In this stressful world, we welcome you with a friendly smile. In our hotels you are not a number but always a V.I.P. – and we put everything in to satisfy you with our services – have a wonderful stay with us.

Green Spirit Hotels = An independent hotel group. A family business, driven by the passion for sustainable development, well-being and harmony. To make you feel welcome and comfortable every day like at home.

Our Green Spirit concept is implemented at its best at the Hotel Le Pavillon, our 3 star flagship in Paris. In a former monastery, we were able to apply a series of technological innovations and use environmentally friendly materials in the course of major redevelopment work. For example, three of the rooms (3, 9 and 15) are specially designed for electro-sensitive customers with low and high frequency protection.

Green Spirit at Hotel Le Pavillon Our 3 star flagship in Paris

Green Spirit Hotels Paris
  • Pure air in the hotel by using a special filter system
  • Vitalized water from your water tap due to the installation of a special water activator
  • 3 Rooms for electro-sensitive people with protection from low and high frequencies
  • Special curtains that protect from high frequencies from outside
  • Harmonization of electromagnetic and geopathic radiation exposure by a harmonious beamer Weber Bio
  • Natural health stretch-effect mattress
  • At breakfast and all day, structured vital water from the glass water dispenser NatureDesign „Universe“, supplemented by glasses and cups for your drinks full of natural energy
  • Aromatic plants in the garden patio
  • Ecological materials
  • Led lightening
  • Public toilet with ecologic technology
  • Rainwater reprocessing e.g. for the garden
  • Waste separation

Overview of the Green Spirit criteria in our 4 hotels in Paris: